We believe in the power of connectivity. Bringing people and places together for eternity

Bridge Construction

We Bridge the Gap by Bringing People and Places Closer than Ever.
Building Bridges is the need of the hour – both figuratively and physically – to enhance connectivity. Once separated by distance and mind, people and places and cultures have started coming closer to each other and bridging this gap are the high and mighty structures that dominate over the wide expanse within and between communities, cities, as well as countries. A bridge is not just a structure, it is an everlasting symbol of connectivity. And when we build a bridge, we channel the power of that connectivity.

We, Ashcons Infrastructure Pvt Ltd, are a leading bridge construction company in Maharashtra and have been at the forefront in designing and constructing minor as well as a major bridge across the country. Working closely with all of our clients, we provide a seamless combination of appealing creative design and state-of-the-art technology for our bridge construction services to develop sustainable infrastructure solutions that can help enhance connectivity by easing travel and transport.

Led by skilled and experienced professionals, our bridge and road construction division deliver projects across public and private sectors that surpass quality standards every single time. Since our inception to this date, road and bridge construction has been our core strength. Our ability to provide a comprehensive range of design and construction options and solutions for various bridge structures has resulted in Ashcons Infrastructure becoming one of the most sought-after bridge construction contractors in the market.

Our expertise ranges fromconventional structures to complex and challenging bridges. Our workforce, with their proven experience and state-of-the-art machinery and technology, have the capability to perform all aspects of road and bridge construction and beyond, including construction, reconditioning, elevation, expansion, and if need be, demolition as well. The expertise that we have already demonstrated in our projects is a testimony to the engineering, technical, and architectural prowess that we possess. With our comprehensive bridge construction services, we not only get the work done right, but also with high-standards of quality, on time and within approved budgets.

No matter how big or small the project, Ashtons Infrastructure Pvt Ltd is happy to assist you in achieving your goals. With 25 years of experience as a bridge construction company behind us, we know that by building a bridge, we’re not just creating a structure for you, we’re opening a way for people and places to come closer than ever.

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