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Name of Projects Client Date of commencement Date of Completion Projects Value
Roha Industrial Area Resurfacing of Internal roads in Roha Industrial Area Executive Engineer, MIDC Division, Alibag 21/08/2017 20/08/2018 7.25 Crores
Strengthening and Black Topping and concreting to Alibag Revas Road MSH-04 Km. 0/400 to 20/500 Tal. Alibag, Dist. Raigad. Executive Engineer, P.W. Division, Alibag 30/10/2017 29/07/2018 11.41 Crores
Vile Bhagad Industrial Area Strengthening and Resurfacing of Four Lane road. Executive Engineer, MIDC Division, Mahad. 26/08/2014 25/05/2015 6.71 Crores
M & R to W/S/S for Pen Alibag Region Providing asphaltic treatment to service road Executive Engineer, MIDC, Division, Alibag 07/03/2017 06/03/2018 6.21 Crores
Strengthening of Newly declared National Highway road NH-48 road Junction to Talegaon Chakan Shikrapur to NH65 Junction km. 0/00 to 24/00 Dist. Pune. Executive Engineer, National Highway Division, Pune 20/01/2018 20/10/2018 9.26 Crores
Improvement to Ridding Quality in Km.90/00 to 95/00, Km. 108/00 to 116/00,Km. 119/00 to 121/00 and Improvement to Black Spot curve along with widening, provision of Crash barriers, delineators, cat eyes between km. 99/00 to 109/00 of Panvel Mahad Panjim road NH-17 in the state of Maharashtra Executive Engineer, National Highway Division, Pen, Raigad 25/03/2013 20/04/2014 7.33 Crores
Periodical Renewal in Km. 84/00 to 90/00,95/00 to 108/00 and 116/00 to 119/00 of Panvel Mahad Panjim road NH-66(17) in the state of Maharashtra Executive Engineer, National Highway Division, Pen, Raigad 17/08/2015 19/03/2016 6.87 Crores
Mahad & Addl. Mahad Industrial Area... Roads Resurfacing on internal roads in B,C,D,E and Kamble –Kusgaon road in Block –A Executive Engineer, MIDC, Division, Mahad 08/10/2013 31/05/2014 6.09 Crores
Improvement to Dighi Nanavali Serva Adgaon Velas road M.S.H. 04 Km.0/00 to 10/00 Tal. Shriwardhan, Dist. Raigad Executive Engineer, P.W.Division, Mahad. 04/03/2015 31/07/2016 6.33 Crores
Improvement to Alibag Pen Khopoli road SH-88 Km. 43/00 to 58/00 Tal. Pen, Dist. Raigad Executive Engineer, P.W. Division, Alibag 11/12/2018 Ongoing 6.36 Crores
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